Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioner System

May 04 2015

An air conditioner requires regular maintenance for efficient functioning and durability. Neglecting the maintenance may lead to decline in the performance of the central air conditioner. Though it may seem that your central air conditioner is operating properly but regular inspection is recommended.  Here are a few steps which may help you maintain your AC.

  • Change The Filter: It is vital to change the filer of your air conditioner regularly to remove the unwanted dirt and dust. This dust could be released into your home and cause some major damages. You can hire a professional to change the filter.
  • Clean The AC System: The coils in the air conditioner should be cleaned annually. Any dirt in the coil can reduce the cooling ability of your system and also shorten the life span of the A/C unit. Cleaning the system may improve the systems performance.
  • Turn The Humidifier Off In The Summers: It is considered wise to turn off you’re A/C ‘s humidifier during the summer months as it is meant for the heating systems and may create additional moisture in the air.
  • Schedule an Annual Maintenance: It is very important to get the central air conditioning system tuned up regularly, especially during a change in the season. The annual maintenance should include a complete check of the air conditioner including checking of the thermostat settings, system controls, tightening of the electrical connections and inspecting the drainage system.
  • Air Duct: For complete maintenance, it is important that all the ducts are working properly. Leaky ducts cannot be detected easily without experience and the necessary equipment. Hiring a professional may help in detecting the problem in the air duct on time and fixing it soon.
  • Coil Fins: There are aluminum fins on the evaporator, which require extensive maintenance in order for the unit to work efficiently. These fins are prone to blockage due to accumulation of dust. You should always use a fin comb to ensure that these fins are back to the original condition.

With these air conditioner maintenance tips you can increase the life span of your system. It may also increases your saving on the utility bills and overall repair costs. A comprehensive servicing, filtration and duct maintenance are the keys to an effective operation of your air conditioning unit. You should keep a regular check on the working of the central air conditioner and call for professional help in case you detect any change in the cooling effects of the system.

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