Air Conditioning Service Baytown, TX

May 07 2015

Servicing an air conditioner is a must to maintain its quality and longevity along with avoiding emergency repairs.  As an air conditioner can face problems that require the knowledge of a professional it is recommended to get it inspected regularly. Here are a few common problems faced by an air conditioner:

Common Problems With An Air Conditioner

  • Condenser Stops Running: The condenser on your air conditioner is prone to a lot of dust and dirt, since it is on the outside of the unit. The debris can damage the AC cabinet and its components and unfortunately makes it out of service. The condenser can also stop running due to failures in wiring, electrical relays etc.
  • Inadequate Cooling: In some of the cases the air conditioner does not provide adequate cooling, which may be due to a number of reasons including dirt in the AC, thermostat malfunctioning, dirty evaporator etc. The system can also blow warm aim in case the filters are not clean.
  • Air Conditioner Turns Off Repeatedly: Some of the AC units may capture moisture and cause the water tank to fill up. Thus, leading to shutting off and on of the air conditioner regularly. Dirty filters can also restrict the airflow leading to the problem.
  • The Unit Does Not Turn On:  The air conditioner may fail to operate during the beginning of the season. This may be due to a number of reasons including defective or improperly set thermostat or less electrical power.

Cleaning the AC requires the basic knowledge and understanding of its parts. It is advised that you consider hiring professional help. Some of the important steps that a professional may take include:

  • Change Filters: The filters of the air conditioning system should be changed at least after every few months. This will help in making it more effective during the peak season.
  • Check Blockages: A part of your air conditioning unit can be blocked due to dirt and dust. It is advisable to clean the condensing unit and remove the obstructions such as leaves, rocks, dust etc.
  • Clean The Fins: It is important to clean the fins of the air conditioner with strong stream to remove any built up debris.
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