Tips To Buy The Right AC For Your Home

May 20 2015

If you are planning to buy a new AC for your home, it is important that you do a thorough research on the various types of air conditioning units available in the market. Buying the right AC for your home requires brief inquiry about its various specifications and features. The following tips can help you choose the right AC:

  • Energy Efficiency - Inquire about the energy efficient models of ACs available and select the one considering your home’s power consumption pattern. The energy efficiency rating of the AC starts from 13 and goes up to 21. 
  • Cooling Capacity - It refers to the measurement of the per square foot cooling provided by the system. Make sure you know the capacity of the AC unit you are considering to buy. The capacity is expressed under international system and is denoted by tons. 
  • Multi-Stage Output -The multistage capacity allows an AC unit to work smoothly under different temperature variations. AC systems available with this option are smart enough to adjust to the cooling and heating requirements inside the home. 
  • Warranty - A number of AC systems come with a lifetime warranty for its compressor and some other components. Inquire about the warranty from your seller before you purchase an AC.
  • Scroll Compressor - Efficient air conditioners have scrolling compressors and do not have more moving parts. This factor protects the AC from wear and tear. Scroll compressor helps in good performance and such ACs make less noise when compared with ACs without it.  
  • Fan Only Switch - This feature helps in running only the fan without having to run the whole AC. It helps in ventilating the trapped air inside the home and refreshing it without putting on the AC’s cooling mode. 
  • Automatic Delay Fan Switch - This feature enables the Ac’s fan to stop when the compressor turns off. It is also useful in saving power and maintaining the air flow inside your home.
  • Noise Factor - You should consider the noise factor before buying the air conditioner for your home. Some air conditioners available in market have the benefit of making less noise than others. 
  • Filter Check Light - This feature reminds the owner when the filters require replacement. If you are one of those people who do not feel like checking on filters every month, look out for this option in your new air conditioner.